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Secrets is my latest CD.  it is only available for download. Bandcamp is probably the best site for that.  You can listen to all the songs and download all or just those you wish.  Or if you would like music downloaded for you on a USB device or want a CD of this album, contact me. 

Please consider ordering my CD, xoxo.  
If you want to buy a copy and have it mailed to you directly by me, I would be glad to do so.  Let me know by contacting me on Facebook or through my contact link on this website.  To order from Amazon, click this link: 

Songs on this EP were produced by Larry MItchell and Ron Crowder, both separately and together (for one song).  You can also stream songs from Pandora, Spotify and other sites.

Songs include:

 Threads of Time

Yellow Bird

Passing Days

Peace of Mind

Let the Children

Bonus track

Darkest Angel Song List

1. Darkest Angel
2. Please Do Not Disturb
3. If I Die
4. Maybe in Montana
5. What’s Done is Done
A Fait Accompli Song List
1. A Fait Accompli
2. I Should Have
3. Summer Blue
4. For Katya
5. Child
6. Up Against a Wall
7. Down to the River
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