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So February 8th, come by Artisan in Santa Fe, or just tune in to Artisan Santa Fe on Facebook.  It will be a facebook live show and will probably be up on their newsfeed for a couple of weeks.  I'll see if I can put it on my feed, too, but later!   THANKS!

Bronze Medal Wins in the 2022 Global Music Awards!

I entered the 2022 Global Music Awards with resignation that my entries would not really go anywhere, but this December, I was notified that my song "One Two Three" received two bronze medal awards--one for best song and one for editing and mixing!  Much credit is due to my producer/friend/mentor, Larry Mitchell who knows much about receiving awards.  Larry actually encouraged me to enter this song after he entered and won best instrumental album in these awards last year.  This awards contest is centered on promoting and elevating the music of independent artists around the globe, and indeed, it seems that many of the winners are from countries outside the US.   You can check out their website at  Very grateful to be part of this year's honorees.  :) 

Two new singles just released!   "Looking for a Different Man" and "Mirabel."   Please take a listen by going to my music tab or to  Produced by Ron Crowder--I think they turned out really nicely!

Great news!  "One Two Three," a song on my new CD, was nominated for two New Mexico Music Awards--Best Original Song and Best Arrangement.  Results from the May 22nd, 2022 event... drum roll....I won the award, along with my producer, Larry Mitchell, for Best Arrangement for an Original Song!   A great evening!    

NEW CD:   Secrets are Forever
Produced by Grammy winner Larry Mitchell and mostly recorded here at my home in Placitas, NM.  It features more electric piano, intimate themes, some lively percussion when needed, and covers genres of Americana, adult contemporary, folk and blues.  Across the board, pretty different.  Hope you like it.  

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